The Creation Diamond® by Love Is Your Compass

A sacred tool to harness intention

Tuning in to see how you’re feeling and setting a corresponding INTENTION to support yourself is such a beautiful and powerful way to start your day. Unfortunately, there can be so much noise in modern life that it can be hard to hear your inner voice. It’s easy to start your day without giving a moment’s thought to how you feel or what YOU want for your day.

Support your intention with crystal energy every day

We created The Creation Diamond® to be used as part of a daily ritual to consciously set an intention as to what energy you want to bring to your day and then intuitively select a crystal to support that intention. Then, safely carry that crystal in a sacred vessel that symbolises your Diamond Light Body and honours you as a Creator being.

When you start your day ask yourself

What do I want to consciously create today?
What energy do I want to shine in my life right now?

© The Creation Diamond® and Love Is Your Compass 2018